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September 17, 2011
Sire: Asterix vom Luisenhof
Dam: Daschar vom Bochrahmer

Julia was born September 17, 2011 in Germany. We purchased her from her previous owner living in France. She is built strong and has a German Rottweiler appearance. Julia has a very high drive and loves to work. She is a very enthusiastic dog and loves to stay close by. She is very loving and wants to please.

JULIA’S Titles:
– 30.03.2014 ZTP(ADRK) in Friedrichshafen Richter: Helmut Weiler
– 02/08/2014 : IPO 1 100.80.86 Judge : Wompnet (ADRK)
– 27/07/2014 : IPO 2 93.71.82 Judge : P. Doct. Freidrich (ADRK)

Show résults:
29/06/2014 RE Roinville, Open Class, Judge : F. Hedtke (D) : V4
04/05/2014 BG Friedrichshafen, Open Class, judge : Hellmann (D) : V
21/04/2012 RE Montfrin, class puppy, judge : Bernbacher (A) : 3e VV