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Good Dog, Carl is a popular series about a Rottweiler and a baby named Madeleine. It is beautifully illustrated and very easy to read. Some of the board books range from baby to preschool age and come with pictures and very few words. Others, are hardback or paperback. This series of books are excellent gifts for families with young children that own Rottweilers. It is available from: Amazon.com

Who said a Rottweiler can’t be a babysitter?

Board book – October 17, 1990

A family’s faithful dog and the baby left in his charge share an adventure-filled Christmas Eve.

Board book – May 1, 1991

This is a tale of timeless appeal–the original Carl book. Its pictures are so vivid and alive that hardly a word is needed to tell the story. An infant is left in the care of a dog while Mother is out. The two get into all sorts of mischief, but trusty Carl puts everything in order in time for Mother’s return. Full color.

Board book – November 1, 1995

Happy birthday, Carl! But can Mom surprise him? No way. As hard as Mom tries, Madeleine and her canine babysitter extraordinaire are hot on her trail, tasting the party punch, peeking at presents, and adding some of their own favorite decorations.

Board book – October 1, 1992

Carl, the baby, and a new puppy spend an eventful afternoon in the park, riding on a carousel, romping in the flowers, and visiting a children’s zoo.

The Carl board books are sure to be baby’s best friends!

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This is the online home for Good Dog Carl and Alexandra Day. Here, fans and collectors will find up-to-date information on all things Carl, a completists bibliography and a way for Carl’s friends to contact him directly. There is also a store where you can buy signed and paw-printed books, prints and cards.