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Everything A Rottweiler Should Be
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Our interest in Rottweilers started with the idea to protect us and our property from outside threats. Before I met John, he owned Rottweilers. He had great respect and love for that breed. My early experiences was with other large breeds such as: German Shepherds, Dobermans, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and Labs. Not familiar with that large breed, I agreed to give the Rotties a try. I was in a world of mislead information on the Rottweiler breed, only to learn they are loyal, very loving, protective, and smart. Not to mention, it is always important to let a Rottweiler know who is boss at all times! They are a working breed and always want a job to do. Everything from sheep herding, search and rescue, police work, pulling carts, agility, protection work, tracking, and therapy service dogs. The total Rottweiler. (Everything a Rottweiler should be)

So, we started with two female puppies, Utilla von Evman and Wrangler von Evman, a well respected breeder in Florida. Years later, we added two more young adult dogs. A male, Xarre vom Visterland and a female Sambuca von Evman. Fast forward, our love of the breed and the security the Rottweilers provided for us, sparked our interest in expanding into a small business. We added two, world renowned and well- established females from Germany, to start producing our “top of the line” Rottweiler puppies. As we learned, the females are the foundation of the kennel. The female (Dam) instills the manners, behavior, and temperament into her pups. The better the female is in her accomplishments (titles) she can pass that confidence on to her puppies. We had an unexpected opportunity to purchase Julia vom Hause Neubrand, a well-known and admired female from , in our opinion, the top breeder, trainer and handler in Germany!  Oliver Neubrand. We fondly call her “the bull” because she is a solid-built female with strength and determination. Later, we were very blessed to add one of the very top females in the world, Farina vom Hause Neubrand. She is considered to be one of the most famous female Rottweilers in the world of all time. Farina talks with her big eyes, with love and appreciation. She has produced numerous offsprings that have won many championships.

Yet, the sire has an important role in the puppies development. If the male has achieved titles, is very desirable in body built, has strong prey drive and excellent temperament, he will pass these important traits to his offspring. We recently acquired an exceptional German male Rottweiler, Eskin vom Blauen Stahl, World Champion of 2017! Eskin is considered to be one of the largest males to win the World Championship.

Not only did we get excellent females, we also got frozen semen from five of the top- rated males in the world to ensure we would produce the very finest Rottweilers in the USA. We look forward to seeing the future champions that come from these proven males and females!


John & Louise Odom