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ESKIN vom Blauen Stahl

Eskin vom Blauen Stahl (Eskin of Blue Steel)
October 3, 2014Sire: Raul von Der Sudpfalz
Dam: Ida von Der Tonberger Hohe

Multi V1 BH ZTP IPO 3 AD ESKIN V Blauen Stahl

Jane Mitchelmore, said “I think some of the very best Rottweilers in the world are located now in USA. Two such dogs are Eskin and his sire. Congratulations to his breeders for achieving World BOB. How lucky for people in USA where they have opportunity to breed to such a dog without having to pay incredible fees to fly in frozen from Europe and just ask Lisa Macgillivray what it is like to fly a bitch to Europe for breeding.

Congratulations to these breeders who are going to such great lengths to get these spectacular Rottweilers into USA and Canada. How very fortunate for our breed when we need dogs like this desperately given all the bad PR Rottweiler is currently receiving world wide. These dogs are what the Rottweiler is all about and is supposed to be.”

Jane Mitchelmore is the editor of the Premier, International Publication called the The Total Rottweiler Magazine.

We are extremely fortunate and blessed to have imported one of the most famous and complete Rottweilers of all times. The 2017 ADRK World Champion Eskin vom Blauen Stahl (Eskin of Blue Steel) joined our kennel in October 2017. ESKIN is very large with a heavily muscled body, large impressive head, black mouth pigmentation, very dark eyes, with rich mahogany markings. He is the complete Rottweiler in confirmation and as a powerful working dog. His willing desire to please and work is amazing! His temperament is strong and balanced. Eskin is highly social and a loving male around other people and dogs.

ESKIN’S Titles – From Working Dog website

31-07-2016 Bremen National VDH Schau Zwischen – Klasse V1
30-07-2016 Brem Internationa VDA Schau Zwischen-Klasse V1
24-07-2016 Nordsee-Kusten-Schau Zwischen-Klasse Ruden V1
10-07-2016 Steinhuder-Meer-Schau Zwischen-Klasse Ruden V1
29-05-2016 ADRK Weltsiegershau Ratingen Zwischen-Klasse Ruden V2
2016-10-22 ESKIN passed successfully his BH under ADRK Judge Heinrich Wompner
2016-11-27 ESKIN passed successfully his BH under ADRK Judge Heinrich Wompner
2016-12-11 ESKIN passed his IPO 1 with A 94, B82, C90 a total 266 under ADRK Judge Thomas Weber in Friedrichshafen (BG Allgau Bodensee)
2017-02-25 ESKIN passed his IPO 2 with A 87, B86, C88 total 261 under ADRK Judge Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich in Friedrichshafen (BG Allgau Bodensee)
2017-04-01 ESKIN passed his AD
2017-04-01 ESKIN passed his IPO 3 with A 97, B78, C85 total 260 under ADRK Judge Gerd Dierich in Friedrichshafen (ADRK BG Allgau Bodensee)
2017-04-01 ESKIN got V1 rated under ADRK Judge Werner Walter – First show in the working class!!!
2017-05-07 ESKIN wins Sieger Austria and BOB @ KS Austria under Judge Hans Jurgen Radtke
2017-05-20 ESKIN WINS EUROPE SIEGER 2017 and BOB in Dortmund under ADRK Judge Hans Jurgen Radtke
2017-06-04 ESKIN WINS ADRK WORLD SIEGER 2017 + BOB in Hungary under ADRK Judge Siegmund Trebschuh